To obtain the optimal performance range and instrument price for their purpose, Leonova users can select any or all of the condition diagnosis and maintenance functions below. Platform functions are always included.

Leonova Emerald instrument modules

Platform functions

• SPM HDm/HDc and/or SPM LR/HR
• 1 channel vibration
• Supports up to 6400 lines, 10 kHz
• RMS vibration, ISO 2372
• Speed measurement
• Temperature measurement
• Stethoscope function
• Reading from and writing to CondID® memory tags
• Recording
• Manual recording, free quantity
• Check points, free text
• Recording of vocal comments


Optional functions

• SPM HD Expert, time and frequency domain analysis
• Shock pulse method dBm/dBc
• Shock pulse method HDm/HDc
• Shock pulse method LR/HR
• SPM Spectrum
• Vibration ISO 10816 with spectrum
• Vibration Premium
   FFT with symptoms
   6400 lines, 10 kHz
   HD Order Tracking
   Time signal
   Post trigger
• Vibration Supreme
   EVAM evaluated vibration analysis
   12800 lines, 20 kHz   
   + all functions in Vibration Premium
• Balancing, single plane